Our Vision

We envision a vibrant, progressive community where everyone belongs and everyone thrives.

Our Mission

We are a capacity-building resource: opening minds, supporting the development of new skills, and linking efforts to ensure economic opportunity, well-being, and prosperity for our citizens.

Guiding Principles

Excellence: We embrace ideas that raise expectations, elevate performance, and produce results.

Partnerships: We are committed to productive relationships and cooperative action. We believe in the power of community.

Accountability: We are responsible stewards of our resources: willing to take risks in order to learn and focused on the positive long-term impact of our investments.

Integrity: We embody these values in every aspect of our work as we seek to honor the spirit of our founders by acting in the best interests of our community.

Annual Reports

Download the 2022 Annual Report

Download the 2020 Annual Report for the Young Foundation

Download the 2021 Annual Report for the Young Foundation