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Owensboro Looking North
Aerial - Owensboro Looking North

Application Process

All applicants must first submit a Letter of Intent following the Foundation’s grant guidelines. Letters of Intent are received anytime during the year and will be reviewed by the Grants Committee within 30 days. 

If approved, your organization will be asked to submit a full grant application for consideration by the Foundation. Organizations seeking $10,000 or less will be asked to submit a modified grant application.

Completed Application must be submitted by the following quarterly deadlines:

March 31stReviewed at the May Board Meeting
June 30thReviewed at the August Board Meeting
September 30thReviewed at the November Board Meeting
December 31stReviewed at the February Board Meeting

If funded, all grant recipients are required to sign a Terms of Grant Agreement and to submit a final or interim report (provided by the Foundation) to the Foundation within one year of funds received.

Should you have additional questions on this process, please contact Executive Director Sara Hemingway at [email protected]